10 Kitchen countertop storage solutions

January 13, 2020
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 Looking for kitchen countertop storage solutions?

Smaller kitchens tend to have smaller cabinet spaces. In such cases, the kitchen counter-tops provide extra storage space.

Ever wondered why the counter-tops from our favorite sitcoms are so busy?😉. Real kitchens have a space challenge sometimes (there's your answer!).

I prefer my kitchen counter-tops less busy, but it is not always practical. In the case that space in your kitchen cabinets and pantry is used up, a few counter organizes will keep your kitchen sane.

======>You may love these kitchen counter organizers

Organize your kitchen with these kitchen countertop storage solutions.

De-clutter kitchen countertops - the first step

It easy to let things sit on the countertops because it is accessible. The kitchen is the busiest space in the home too.  You need to be intentional about what belongs there.  From there on, investing in some kitchen countertop storage solutions will reward your efforts to de-clutter kitchen countertops.

Popular Kitchen Countertop Storage Solutions


A few kitchen countertop storage solutions and items go a long way in keeping your kitchen neat and tidy. I'm very big on organizing my home by storing thing properly.  It's not always possible to organize everything in kitchen cabinets.

The countertop organizers listed below will ensure that your de-cluttering and cleaning is not in vain.

Kitchen Canister Sets

Kitchen canister sets are a neat way to put necessities on the counter. It's either them, or cereal boxes and teabags taking up more space. I have the 3-piece canister set for my coffee condiments. I must say though that, because they are not labeled, it is irritating to have to open each to see if it contains what I need. It happens often that the wrong lid goes to the wrong container afterward.

Get labeled containers, or label them yourself. The simplest thing though would be to go for transparent canister sets. The same thing applies to bigger food storage containers. They are handy for storing cereals, cookies, and pasta. With these storage solutions, you are one step closer to organizing your kitchen countertops.

 Get a coffee mug display rack

A coffee mug display rack takes up very little space. Compare that to the space that 6-9 mugs would have taken in the cupboard. A smaller kitchen may not afford to have a dedicated mug space.

The under-shelf type racks are even better. They use the airspace between the cupboard shelf and your kitchen countertop.This frees up the counter space to breathe, or accommodate other kitchen items.

Maximize the microwave oven space

The microwave oven rack shelf is a piece of genius! It accommodates other items like the canisters, plates, and saucers. In fact, it is not necessary to use it this way at all. You can find any other space for it on your countertop. Your clutter issues would be gone in an instant.

Mountable Spice Racks

Odds and ends like spices cannot afford to have space in the cupboard when space is an issue. They end up landing on the countertop. Organize the countertops by investing in wall mountable spice racks. Kitchen walls tend to be under-utilized. The beauty of it is that you can get as many as your wall can accommodate. Some homeowners mount them on hollow cabinet or pantry doors.

Convert a 3-tier tray or cake stand into a coffee station

This is the cleverest idea for a coffee station. It occupies less place, but can store a lot of your coffee/tea essentials. You can also use it as a fruit basket. It is a versatile kitchen item and quite a space saver.

Woven baskets are just as versatile 

Source: Hi Sugarplum

The woven basket hack to store some kitchen condiments and utensils is clever. It does not cost much, and the basket can be movable to anywhere in the kitchen (I'm thinking of when I'm cooking in my kitchen. I actually hate having to take things from here, and move them there (e.g olive oil, salt etc). It is difficult to misplace things if you keep them in this basket.

Store bigger utensils in a utensil crock

It's not always possible to mount your utensil sets - that's when the utensil crock comes in. It occupies very little space therefore lessening the clutter on your kitchen counter.

Store bread in a bread box

We know that this is common sense, but it happens that bread is stored naked on the counter. The kitchen countertop storage solutions and ideas like a bread box are here to ensure that that your counter is neat. The bread will also remain fresh for longer as well.

Last, but not least - have a junk drawer

 A junk drawer will provide space for stuff that you cannot quite throw away, yet have no space for  in the kitchen.  In as much as it will remove these from the countertops, it also needs to stay organized. The article about organizing kitchen drawers may be helpful.

I've scratched the surface on ways to de-clutter kitchen countertops,  It is a start though, and I hope that you find them useful.

Happy Home Organizing! 



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