Children's toy storage ideas & organization

January 13, 2020
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Organizing kids' toys can be a test of one's patience. I've learned not to limit play, especially when the children are younger. It is tempting to limit play sessions to one toy at a time, for no other reason other than keeping the house tidy. My friend implemented something that I admired with her kids. They could play and scatter the toys as much as they desired, as long as everything gets packed away neatly at the end of it all.  It teaches the kids responsibility and tidying up after themselves.  With the correct children's toy storage ideas and organization hacks, toy organization is achievable.

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Organize your kids' toys with these children's toy storage ideas

Favorite children's toy storage ideas


Before we jump to storage ideas, it is essential to understand that kids get quickly bored with toys.  The home could be full of toys that the kids do not even use much.
Thanks to the rotating method, it does not have to be so.  Put away some toys where your children cannot access them, and allow them to play with the rest.  After a while, you can bring back those, while storing away the existing toys.  They become excited by the "new" toys. Everyone wins,  and you do not have to deal with toy clutter.  This technique works all the time.

Storage ottomans are great for organizing toys

Children's toy storage ideas can be creative too! Invest in pieces of furniture that have storage capabilities. A storage ottoman of your desired size is the best.

My daughter prefers to play in the living room. I understand because that is where the rest of the family is likely to be. Instead of chasing the kids away, a storage ottoman would serve well as a toy organization hack for the living room. Teach them to return the toys there when they finish playing (or help if they are too young to lift the lid). Considering that storage ottomans can be used as coffee tables and decor items as well, they are one of the best children's toy storage ideas. There are also ottomans whose sole purpose is toy organizing.


Make use of free shelf space 

Source: Country Living
Invest in storage baskets, fabric bins, or transparent plastic bins of the right size and just slot them in the shelves. You can even organize the toys further by labeling the baskets per toy type.This hack will work on floating shelves as well i.e you can create them for this sole purpose.

Hanging shoe rack

Source: Mommo Design

Who knew that a shoe rack could make it to the list of creative children's toy storage ideas?  If you get one with large pockets, you can store almost anything in them.  Hang it on your kids' room door to save space. Clear pockets will help keep the toys organized as the child won't need to go through each pocket to find their favorite toy.

 Toy storage baskets

Toy storage baskets are perfect for organizing toys in a small space. They can fit perfectly under your child's bed, and can also store other things like laundry, or shoes (in case your kids outgrow their toy storage baskets).

 Multi-Bin Toy Organizers

Multi-bin toy organizers are one of the most uncomplicated children's toy storage ideas. They also add a touch of decor in your kids' bedrooms and are sure to motivate them to put their toys away. Make a point to label the different bins so that kids know which toys go where. The whole point of toy storage is to keep them organized as well. It won't help much if the toys are all mixed up, and the kids start putting everything on the floor in search of their favorite toy.

Bath toy storage ideas

There isn't much variety when it comes to bath toy storage ideas, but the storage nets work very well. Bath toys make contact with the water, and wiping them every time could be a chore. The hanging bath nets are perfect as they give the toys an opportunity and means to air dry. They save space as well as they can hang by the use of suction cups on most walls.

Had fun with these children's toy storage ideas? I hope they will make a difference in organizing your kids' toys. If you found the post useful, please feel free to share or pin!