Home office organization ideas

January 20, 2020
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You might not have a dedicated workspace in your home, but you are likely to find that the ideas that I'll be sharing below are just as useful for your desk space - wherever it may be.   I work in the same area as my kids. We're  homeschoolers, so there is a high demand for desk space in my home. A desk and a wall planner are enough for the blogging work that I do from home.

Let's start with decluttering your home office first, as well as browsing through some nifty home office organization ideas.

Home office organization ideas that will get you started on organizing your work space in the home, no matter the size.

Getting started with organizing your home office space


I prefer to de-clutter before I organize, so I will share some ideas as to how you can go about removing the clutter from your home office:

Don’t picture the 12 years of tax receipts spilling out of shoe-boxes  Concentrate on getting this project done in small, manageable chunks.

First, clear everything off your desk; use the large work surface as a staging area. As you empty out each drawer, create piles of similar items on your desktop. Continue until you have emptied every possible place where clutter can hide.
You will have a lot of piles: bills, tax documents, house paperwork, investment stuff, warranties, and insurance policies. A lot. Not to mention, staplers, pens, pencils, 3-hole punches, staple-taker-outer-things and all the other necessities of a well-stocked office.
Don’t worry about organizing this today.
Just get it out in the open. Concentrate on sorting through it.

Return anything that doesn’t belong in this room to its home. Clean the drawers and shelves that you will be using again so that everything is ready for your next task.

Home Office Organization Ideas & Supplies


You may have to grab a few home office organization supplies that are handy in restoring the zen back to your home working space.


An organizer cart is perfect when you do not have a designated home office.  You can push it anywhere and even take it out when you need it.  The good thing is that it will keep everything neat and exactly where it is supposed to be.

If you are pressed for space, a compact desk organizer that can accommodate your office stationery will save you space and helps keep your sanity. The desk organizer above is suitable for small spaces, accommodates both files, books, and other miscellaneous items that are essential for a home office.

Folders can seem like a nuisance, but they will be neater and safer if you use a hanging wall organizer.  Remember that the wall is your best friend! I have a small desk for my home office space - to a point that it cannot comfortably accommodate a desk organizer. A wall organizer will keep the space neat without coming in the way of the already existing space. You can store more than just folders in it (see above - planners, pens and pencils etc.).

Source: Pinterest

A floating shelf or two can be a great home office storage for your diaries, journals, files, and other nitty gritties that you use for your office space. See above how the person has made the wall their friend! clearing the desk space for the laptop, and some small flower vases.

I love drawers because they keep things neat and concealed. A desktop drawer system is perfect for a home office as you can store things by their usage and importance.

This computer desk is a perfect example of a home office workstation that can help keep you organized. If you are window shopping for home office furniture, keep the practicality and organization in mind. A plain office desk simply takes up space, but does not do much in helping you to store your office supplies.

Do you notice how easy it is to lose the small office supplies? This desk organizer is made for you if you find yourself replacing pens, pencils, or stick-it-notes in an uneconomical manner. Believe me, the cost does add up.

Home office organization ideas are not complete without a planner to organize your tasks and work. It is much more effective to have your weekly plans staring at you every-time you raise your eyes from your computer (for me, at least). A dry erase board works well because you do not need to change it every year.

An organized office space inspires creativity and productivity. Implement one or two of the ideas above and you will be well into a tranquil working space. Pin, share, or tweet this post for your future reference.

Happy organizing!💓💓💓