Creative Ideas for bathroom organization - Bathroom storage solutions

January 23, 2020
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Is your master bathroom in need of some decluttering and organizing? Today, I'll share some good ideas for bathroom organization, and I am confident that you will find some of them practical enough to implement right away.

If not the master bathroom, then pick the bathroom that bothers you the most and start organizing it.

Creative ideas for bathroom organization

Do this first

None of the bathroom organization hacks will work if your bathroom is drowning in clutter.   Let's work on that first.
We are going to stick with the routine that works the best.

1. Empty all the drawers, clear off the shelves and drag stuff out from all the dark places (it happens to the best of us). Pile them on the counter, floor, or any other space that won't get in the way while you are busy.

2. Take the time to scrub the sticky residue from toothpaste, leaky shampoo bottles and who knows what else.

3. Toss anything that is old. Makeup is only good for no more than 6-months. Throw away lotions, perfumes, and moisturizers that are almost used up. There's a chance that they will keep piling and adding to the bathroom clutter.

4.  Group your bathroom items into baskets or tubs - hair products together, makeup on one side, towels on another, appliances, etc.

Now you are ready for some easy bathroom organization ideas to get your bathroom spick and span, permanently.

10+ Ideas for bathroom organization

Two-tier tray

Two-tier trays are versatile and handy items to have in the house.

My bathroom cabinet cannot fit all my cosmetics. Having this tray as you cosmetic stand will provide more storage space for you - and does not occupy much space on a counter. I love that it is also a rotating tray. It means no more knocking items over, while trying to reach others.

If you have a cupcake stand that you no longer use - go for it and turn it into one of the niftiest ideas for bathroom organization.

Under-sink bathroom storage and organization 

Source: Instagram

Under-sink  bathroom cabinets tend to be cluttered because of the "awkward" space (due to the piping system). With some planning, you can easily turn that space into bathroom storage for your bath robes, towels, cosmetics etc by installing an under-sink "drawer system.

Turn baskets into shelves

Source: Good Housekeeping
What can you NOT do with baskets?

Organize your bathroom by turning them into storage for the bigger items like the bath towels, and toilet paper rolls. Anyone can get this one done as all you need is hang them.

Bathroom shelf organizer

Unlike standard floating shelves, this  bathroom shelf  organizer will ensure that everything remains in its place -thanks to the sturdy aluminum rail.

If you have an old spice rack of a similar design - simply pant it and use it instead. If you look close enough - you will see that it is the same thing.

Over the toilet storage

Do you have a bare wall over your toilet? 

Don't overlook this space. Use it as shelf space in your bathroom. You can achieve this by also mounting floating shelves and baskets. There really is no limit of ideas for bathroom organization. This one is super perfect for organizing small bathroom spaces.

Bathroom shower caddy 

Relieve your bathroom cabinet of clutter, and use a shower caddy instead to keep those items that you only use in the shower e.g shampoos, soaps, body scrubs etc. Once mounted on the shower's wall, it does not take up space at all. It also means that you won't be moving the items between the cabinet and the shower (and back)  every-time you need to use them.

Shower pocket organizer

A shower pocket organizer is best if you need to keep your bathroom wares organized, but you are in a shared space. You can easily remove it and store somewhere else. This is also a great bath toy organizer for kids.

Hair styling tool organizer

Poor hair tools - they are rarely stored properly and in an organized manner. Create your own style station by hanging this on a towel bar, putting it on your bathroom counter, or simply place it in the bathroom cabinet. This is worth adding to your list of ideas for bathroom organization (to be implemented soon).

Wall mounted toothbrush holder 

I don't have a counter in my bathroom (it just never came up in the design - for some reason). 
A spacious toothbrush  holder will allow you to neatly store your toothbrushes and toothpastes - and the beauty of it is that it won't take up (or need)  counter space.

===>Find more toothbrush holders here.
I hope you have picked an idea or two to get your bathroom neat and organized. Feel free to pin, share, or tweet!