Kids bedroom organization ideas

January 21, 2020
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We’re on the home stretch.  On this day we are going to organize your kids'  rooms.  I'll also be sharing some great kids' bedroom organization ideas to make your life more comfortable.
You can enlist older kids to help organize their room.  You've likely issued them with their “last warning” already.   My daughter has been getting hers for quite some time now.😊

Whatever the case, we need to purge, and these kids bedroom organization ideas will help tons.

Keep their rooms clean with these kids' bedroom organization ideas

Simple kids bedroom organization ideas


I've implemented some of the below kids' bedroom organization ideas and collected some to help other moms who may struggle with organizing kiddies' rooms.

Organize the kids' dresser drawers first

The main issue in kid’s rooms are clothes and storage. These are sore points in my house as my younger kid seems to be at a loss as to how to keep everything in its place.  In their defense, it does not help much with the organization if there is no organizing system already in place.

Now, let’s start with the clothes and organize the kids' dresser drawers:

Go through the dresser and pull out anything too small, ripped or stained.

Donate the good stuff; toss the rest.

Try using small baskets inside the dresser drawers to corral socks and underwear. Fold the rest of the clothes and assign them to a particular drawer.

Pack out of season clothes in tubs for storage.

There are useful items that can help you organize the kids' dresser drawers faster, and permanently. Small sectioned baskets can be used as designated storage for things like socks and underwear, while bigger baskets can store clothes very neatly.

Kids closet organization systems 

Before considering kids' closet organization systems, we need to assess the cause of the disorganization of the child's room. Going for the niftiest of the kid's bedroom organization ideas before doing this will result in a hamster wheel effect.

Follow the same procedure with your child’s closet, as you did with the dresser drawers. Be ruthless. If there is a brand new sweater that has never left the cabinet because junior hates it, don’t bother saving it. Take a deep breath and toss it in the donate pile.
Place seasonal items in tubs on the floor of the closet or on the shelf. When you are through everything should have a place.  If not, then it is time to start browsing for some cool closet organizers to ensure that the episode does not repeat itself.

Make sure that your kids have a designated laundry basket or bag.  Most of the clothes that get scattered on the floor, on top of the bed, and under the bed are just laundry that needs to be put away.

Kids have stuff,  lots of stuff. Give them storage options so that the stuff can co-habitat with you without driving you nuts.

Kids' beds with storage are a great idea! 

Not to suggest that you throw out the old beds and go splurging on kids' beds with storage, but they are a good consideration if you are shopping for children's room furniture.  Such beds will save you space and help organize your kids' bedroom.

Toy storage

After the clothes, toys are a big problem that hinders an adequately organized room. You may find these toy storage ideas to be useful. You can also get toy chests, tubs that roll under the bed, cute baskets for the desk area, anything to contain the mess. Everything needs a home. If it helps, you can take your child with you to a container store and let them pick.

Source: Instagram
An Ikea Kallax unit can serve as a neat toy and art supplies organizer. Get storage baskets, store the toys and craft supplies by type - and label each of them. With this approach, your kid will know where to find (and put back) what, and as they grow older, they can use this system to store away other items like their clothes, makeup items etc.

Nifty book storage

Children's books can be tricky to store away, as fitting a book-shelf means another space that will be gone.Amazon sells these floating wall shelves that are suitable for book (the rail prevents the books and some toys from falling).  Guess what? These are actually spice racks (in my opinion) - so you can get those as well and mount them on your child's wall.

Bedside caddy

Now, this is something that I've never considered when brainstorming on kids' bedroom organization ideas! A bedside caddy hangs nicely on the bedside so that you kid can store in there the things they use prior to falling asleep. These could be their favorite teddies, story books, etc. You won't have to deal with these items  getting lost, or scattered all over the bed or room in the morning.
If you as me, even us adults can use the bedside caddies.

Baskets are your best friends 

Baskets as storage
Source: Pinterest
Hands up if you have tried in vain to help your kids organize their shelf space🙌. It's a battle. Use the baskets, or preferably transparent plastic tubs to organize the shelves. These act like drawers, but more durable in my opinion as wear and tear from opening and closing is minimal.

I always advise my daughter to switch the arrangement of the shelves by season - in winter, winter clothes come down to the bottom shelves, while the summer clothes go to the upper shelves. It makes it easy for her to reach her clothes without making a mess (still young and not very tall). With these baskets, it won't have to be a battle of folding the clothes all over again when switching shelves. Simply move the baskets and you are good to go.

Shoe storage for kids

The easiest route most of us parents in shoe storage is to get a basket or tub and have the kids throw all of them in there.😄

Do you notice how frustrating it is when the kid has to find their shoes?....especially when you are in a hurry. 

Shoe shelves or pockets are much more efficient. Everything is in plain view, and it is easier to notice when one shoe is not in its proper place. It's also neater to store them this way. Shoe shelves can be placed on the floor space of the hanging area of the closet, while shoe pockets can be hung on a door (the  closet's, or the bedroom's).

I'd love to hear from you with your own storage ideas that keep your kids' rooms neat and tidy.  Comment below, and also feel free to share, pin or tweet.

Happy organizing!💓💓💓💓