Tips to organize the kitchen sink area

January 10, 2020
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1208S 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Drying Holder Rack (Double Groove-Two-layer)1208S 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Drying Holder Rack (Double Groove-Two-layer) Organize the kitchen sink area

The kitchen sink area is problematic and tends to gather more clutter than other areas of the kitchen.
It is the place where dirty kitchen stuff goes, so it is understandable (at least to me).

The scrubbers and sponges are just elusive in my sink. I never know where to put (or find them).

Then, there comes the under-sink plumbing. It leaves little space, making it difficult to nicely organize cleaning supplies under the sink. 
It makes sense to keep the under-sink area only for items that you need for the sink and other kitchen cleaning tasks.
Fortunately for us, there are nifty, organizer-friendly, not to mention affordable items that we can now use to organize the kitchen sink area more efficiently.

====>Here are some innovative tools to organize the kitchen sink area.

Easily organize the kitchen sink area Getting kitchen sink organizers is the best way to avoid kitchen clutter. Surely, if you do not have a designated space for an item, you will throw it anywhere. It's not intentional, but things can be hectic.

Kitchen sink organizing ideas


Kitchen sink storage caddy


One of my favorite kitchen sink organizing ideas is a kitchen sink storage caddy. As little, and cute as this item is, it solves most of my problems around the sink. All the bending, to reach the sink cabinet door, while wondering about the whereabouts of some sponges and scrubs is too much for me. With the kitchen sink storage caddy, your scrubbing items will be within reach.

They are also great as space savers. One is likely to store the sponges in the under-sink area, taking up space unnecessarily. Kitchen sink storage caddies do save the day!

Dish drying racks


I get irritated when the little ones leave dishes in the sink. Although they've rinsed them, they end up mixed with the dirty ones. Dish drying racks organize dishes after washing. They are basic, and great kitchen sink organizers.

A large dish drying rack may work well for your kitchen too. Find one here


Over the sink storage shelf


An over-the-sink storage shelf is just what one needs if they live in small spaces. I love how these make use of what would have been otherwise useless space. Proper organizing really does open up more space in the home, and in your life. This one is my favorite over the sink storage shelf. I love that it is two-tiered, doubling as a display for pots and pans.


Under kitchen sink organizing ideas


Wondering how to organize cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink?

Shelf storage units

The under kitchen sink area is challenging. As I mentioned before, the plumbing makes the space less efficient, and prone to clutter. In the instance where you have to reach down and find something, you are likely to have to dig through, as most items are not visible. An expandable, under-the-sink, shelf storage unit solves the problem. The removable shelves make it easy to accommodate the pipes. Depending on your budget, this can be the best way to organize under kitchen sink areas.

Plastic storage baskets


Organize the kitchen sink area with something as simple as storage baskets. It is needless to say that plastic is the right material, because of the contact with water. The baskets will easily slide in and out. I'd go the extra mile and label them to ensure that we do not mix up the items. This homeowner went further and uses spray bottles for all her cleaning detergents. She installed a tension rod above the baskets, this way she can hang the spray bottles. It is quite clever.


Organize the kitchen sink area with this simple DIY project


DIY undersink storage

It's wonderful what one can do with plywood and pull-out baskets. The sink area is now neater and more organized. I could try that with my closet as well. Do you love any of these tips to organize the kitchen sink area?  

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Easy and nifty solutions to help you organize the kitchen sink area