Small closet organization ideas

January 15, 2020
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Looking for small closet organization ideas?

It is frustrating when one does not have enough closet space.  Small closet space can be tricky to organize, but it is possible. Small closet storage solutions don't require much planning or money.  A few tricks and hacks will have your closet P interest worthy in no time!

Keep you closet neat ith these small closet oganization ideas and tips.

10 Small closet organization ideas and tips


Be honest with yourself.  You do NOT need four sizes of clothes. Get rid of anything that is torn, stained, doesn’t fit or no longer suits your tastes. If you don't wear it, give it away. If you wore it in college, donate it. If you still have pregnancy clothes and your baby has gone off to college, donate them.

I’ll let you keep one killer “diet” dress😃. The one that you are keeping for the time when you “become slimmer.” We all own one of those.


Get rid of the old, metal hangers from the dry cleaners. Sort through your remaining clothes and organize them. Spoil yourself with those 3-in-1 hangers that can hold multiple clothing items. They are great space-savers.

Create more hanger space


Avail more hanger space by inserting an extra rod halfway down your hanging side of the closet. You can designate the bottom part for your pants and skirts. Do you ever notice how we cry for space but have all that unused space underneath?

Store away the out of season clothes.

You don't need to have your winter coats and beanies taking up space in your small closet.  Vacuum bags will save you a lot of space. Get yourself the vacuum hanger bags as well for the jackets and coats.  Once you suck out the air, believe me when I tell you that ample space suddenly becomes available (they are magical!).



Line up your shoes neatly, while tossing out any that are in disrepair. There are nifty shoe storage ideas that can help you organize your small closet.

Take advantage of storage boxes and baskets.

Maximize shelf space

Folding your clothes properly and neatly will maximize your shelf space. If you are anything like me, your folded clothes probably look bulky and take up more space than necessary.  Folder boards will fix all that for you.

Shelf dividers are great! They will ensure that you get to stack your folded clothes as high as possible without a fear that they'll collapse and start mixing up.  They keep your shelves neat. Do remember these when shopping for small closet storage solutions.

Take advantage of the closet's  door 

Source: She Knows

Use your closet's door to create a hanger space for accessories like handbags and scarves. It is one of the easiest to remember small closet organization ideas, yet very active. A purse takes up a lot of space in a closet.

As you can see from the above small closet organization ideas, the small space is not a hindrance to a neat closet. Grab a few closet organizers, de-clutter and rid your closet of items that you no longer use, and organize it into a neat heaven. Please share or pin these ideas to make someone else's life easier.

Happy organizing!💗💗💗