Water bottle storage & organization

January 30, 2020
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I think I’m a water bottle hoarder. My kitchen cabinets have them lined up, standing there awkwardly and some falling over. I also suspect that the number of reusable water bottles there does not correspond with the level of water drinking in the house. In any case, I’m relieved that I don’t need to throw them away yet, thanks to the water bottle storage ideas that will help me organize my reusable water bottles. Why I will not throw them away is a story for another day - and possibly another blog.

Water bottle storage ideas and solutions - which also incude DIY water bottle organizers that you can make at  home.

Some of the water bottle ideas will blow you away because they are DIY solutions that have been under your nose all along. Others do need minimal investment (which is worth every penny).

Popular water bottle storage ideas


Let’s get organizing those pesky water bottles in your home (or even classroom and other places).

Water bottle storage rack

A water bottle storage rack is the shortcut to de-clutter your kitchen cabinets or counters of water bottles. I live in a household of 5, and each person has more than one reusable water bottle. It can be a nightmare.

The above water bottle storage rack is suitable for standard-sized bottles (no more than a liter), and because it is stackable, it will save you space in your cabinet, fridge, or counter. This is not the only water bottle storage rack available, they come in different sizes, and can accommodate various bottle sizes as well.

DIY Water bottle organizer 


Turn a cereal box into an organizer for empty water bottles
A quick demo of a DIY water bottle storage idea

This idea hit me and I wanted to try it right away. We’ve all seen the do-it-yourself magazine holders on Pinterest. I use them mainly for my kids’ books. They work perfectly as water bottle organizers (especially ones you do not use much). My daughter made this one for demonstration. You only need:

* A cereal box (a bigger and tall box will allow you to stack more bottles)
* Scissors
* And wrapping paper (for decoration purposes)

This particular DIY bottle organizer is a temporary solution, but it will hold for quite some time. Just line up or stack the empty bottles, then store in your cabinet or counter. Of course, if you have magazine holders that you can spare - simply use them as the DIY water bottle storage.

A family of exercise fans could use the space provided by this shoe rack design bottle storage
Image credit: Pinterest

Another clever DIY water bottle storage idea is converting unused shoe pockets into bottle storage. A friend of mine shared with me that they have 100s of water bottles in their home (make room in your mind for hyperbole­čśâ). A standard shoe pocket organizer has about 9 pockets - that’ a lot of bottle space to hang over your door.

Are you a teacher looking for ways to organize your kids’ water bottles in the classroom? This shoe pocket hack would work wonders.

Alternatively, you can get yourself an……

Over the door bottle organizer

Yeah, it does look like a fancy shoe pocket holder - but it actually is much more than that. The pockets are bigger, so you can accommodate bigger bottles. It also provides space for the lids, straws, and other little things that came with the bottle.

I love that this is nifty enough to not take up space in your kitchen. It hangs just fine on a pantry or cabinet door. It will keep all your water bottles (and their lids) organized. With this water bottle storage hack, there is no stressing about the bottles overrunning the space for glasses and mugs.

Wine rack

Use any available wine rack space to store your water bottles
Convert a wine rack into water bottle  storage

If your kitchen has a wine rack - then fret no more. Mine is rarely filled with wine bottles, so there is always space. The water bottles may not always go with the theme of the space, but it still looks way better than water bottles hogging the counter or cabinet shelves (some even falling on you when reaching for the glasses or mugs).

A free-standing wine rack can also sit on the counter, or tucked away in a cabinet.

Bottle Stand

This bottle stand is useful for both water bottle storage and traveling. It can organize your water bottles and travel mugs horizontally in your cabinet or vertically in your cabinet drawer…wherever you need them for quick and easy access.


Source: Blue Style Blog

It may be that space is not much of an issue, but on the other hand, you are tired of bottles falling over every time you need to get something from the cabinet. One friend complained about how the kids just place the bottles sloppily in the cupboard, leaving a mess behind. Using a basket as a storage container for the bottles will ensure that they are always organized.

Water bottle storage drawer

Source: Mika Perry
Designate one of your kitchen drawers into a water bottle storage drawer. It is much better if it is a deep drawer. After installing drawer dividers or caddies, the bottles will be able to stand neatly Find out how to pull this off, here.

I think you have found enough water bottle organizers and storage ideas to help declutter that kitchen counter or cabinet.

Of course, I’m also interested in how you organize and store your water bottles at home. Do you keep only a few at a time?