10+ Fridge Organization Ideas - #Chart #Containers

February 28, 2020
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Fridge organization is more of a challenge that most of us adults are willing to admit😅. Here is the relationship that we tend to have with the family refrigerator:

  • Dad never opens it unless he put something there.
  • Mama uses it during meal prep times (only)
  • The kids open it every 2 minutes - sometimes to check if it can still open.  
I exaggerate not! Things move around in the fridge more than they do in any other kitchen cabinet. It is the awkward part of the kitchen organization process.  My solution? Have a designated space and even a container for everything. Most of my fridge organization ideas will address this part.

Another cause of a disorganized fridge is wrong storage and packing. Fortunately, I managed to whip up a simple refrigerator organization chart. It'll help you figure out where you should put things in your fridge.

Fridge organization ideas  that include a refrigerator organization chart to help you pack your fridge accordingly.

Popular fridge organization ideas


Like I said, the key is to know where to put what, AND having the right storage items to pack your food and drinks:

Familiarize Yourself with a refrigerator organization chart

This basic refrigerator chart simplifies your fridge organization, helping you keep it organized, and the food fresher for longer.

My humble refrigerator chart system helps to keep me sane. It is not intricate, but it gets the work done.  There are two things that I want you to pay attention to when deciding where to put things in your fridge:

  • Do not store milk and other dairy products on the doors. They go bad very quickly - and the fridge temperature is least cold at the door shelves.
  • Use the upper shelf instead. It is perfect for both dairy products and ready-to-eat food.
The door is really good for condiments, sauces, and drinks. These food items do not need very cold temperatures to keep them preserved. As for the drawers at the bottom - dedicate them to crisp veggies and fruits. There is actually no reason to store tomatoes, onions, squashes, bananas, etc in the fridge. I've realized that doing so just spoils the other vegetables and fruits.

Best refrigerator storage containers 


Now that we know what goes where - let's look at the best refrigerator storage containers to help you keep your fridge neat and tidy.

Fridge bins

Fridge bins come in sets, as well as individual items. Fortunately, this one is a set that will help organize canned drinks, condiments, eggs, and other miscellaneous items.

Have you ever noticed how awkward it is to store a mayo container with the other condiments on the fridge door? It never really fits (but we force it anyway). Once you move to the shelf, it tends to be homeless and never sits at the right spot. Having the correct bins will ensure that all condiments are stored properly (and at eye level).

With a fridge bin system, you're kind of extending the drawers in a refrigerator.

Stackable fridge organizers

These stackable fridge organizers are versatile - and I love that they actually have handles! Have you used your Tupperware containers to keep your salad ingredients fresh for longer? It never feels right, doesn't it? Having fridge organizers ensures that these have a place in your fridge.

Fruit and vegetable containers


It happens several times that we find ourselves out of fridge drawer space for the fruit and veggies. In this case, we'd just put them on one of the shelves. This does affect their longevity. These containers will act as your extra drawers - and are designed to keep the crispiness in your fruits and veggies. They are perfect for salad ingredients. We just never know how to store them once we cut that lettuce in half! 

Refrigerator egg storage 

Guess where WE SHOULD NOT store eggs?.....

The fridge door! Surprisingly, most refrigerators come with egg storage containers that are made for the door space. As I illustrated on the fridge refrigerator chart - eggs are better off on the upper shelves, with the milk and other dairy products. That space is sufficiently cold for egg storage, unlike the fridge door.

Fridge drawer organizer


I never know how to store the small odds and ends in the fridge - like small pieces of fruits and vegetables (strawberries and cherry tomatoes). This fridge drawer organizer addresses that, and I love that it takes advantage of the empty spaces between the shelves (the air space if you will). 

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I hope these fridge organization ideas and the refrigerator chart will simply the fridge organization process for you. If you find the post useful, feel free to pin, or share for yourself, and others who are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to keep their fridges organized.