DIY Pencil Holder to keep your desk neat

February 12, 2020
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I'm now kind of an expert in the area of stationery and desk organization. I made my first DIY pencil holder using a glass jar. Believe me, it went a long way and going strong even today. I homeschool 3 kids and also work on my blogging from home. Pens and pencils have become part of the family😉. The kids are also avid drawers and art enthusiasts. The cost of misplaced pens, pencils, highlighters, etc, adds up very fast.

Thanks to my glass jar pencil holder craft, my work desk is better organized as well. In my quest to keep my home and work organized, I thought I'd explore the idea of a pencil holder made from materials - in this post's case, empty toilet rolls. Between you and me, I'll go mad if I don't find a use for those rolls - it always seems like only hubby and myself know to remove them (from the bathroom) when they are used up. I digress

DIY Pencil holder made from recycled materials - cardboard pencil holder and organizer

What's lovely about this pencil holder craft is how cost-effective it is. I can make them all day just to help someone else keep their home office neat (or school work station).

What you need to make this DIY pencil holder



Step by step pencil holder craft tutorial

Empty toilet paper rolls for a DIY project
Step 1
Get the three toilet paper rolls, then cut 2 of them in different heights (about the uncut one). This will create a leveling for each of the rolls.

Toilet paper rolls cut in halves
Step 2
Roll one toilet paper roll in construction paper. Make sure that you use enough construction paper to cover the whole roll.

Sealing the roll with hot glue gun
Step 3
Hot glue the end of the construction paper to seal the roll. This step can be done by hand too if you don't have a hot glue gun nearby - otherwise, you can invest in one here. for less than $15, it is worth having if you are a DIYer and crafter.

Cutting overlapping paper on toilet roll
Step 4
Cut the excess and overlapping paper.

Follow the above steps for the other two toilet rolls

Step 5
 Glue a ribbon around the end of each toilet roll. 

Step 6
 Cut excess ribbon.

Step 7
Hot glue all the rolls together. Make sure that they are perfectly aligned at the bottom.

Step 8
Get the cardboard and hot glue it on the bottom of the three toilet rolls.

Step 9
Cut the cardboard according to the bottom form of the three rolls. Make a small allowance of at least 1 centimeter.

DIY Pencil Holder

 You are done! to keep your desk or yours neat - organize the pens and pencils by type, color, or use (whichever applies to you).
This craft has solved 4 problems:
  1. I finally found the use of the toilet paper rolls.
  2. Our desks are neat and organized.
  3. We don't lose many pens and pencils anymore
  4. Recycling.
 This is a fun craft - that actually solves a problem. I hope you'll enjoy it.