10+ Kitchen spice organization ideas & storage solutions

March 06, 2020
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Kitchen spice organization tends to elude all of us and therefore needs special attention beyond the general kitchen organization ideas. I’ve had my fair share of struggling to find a spice organization system that works for me. It happens often that my spice cabinet looks like a battleground every time I cook.

Having some spices hidden behind others does not help the situation. When storing your spices, it helps to consider the frequency with which you use the spices. You won't need to rummage through the spices anymore, looking for that cayenne pepper 😉.

I’ve wasted money a  few times as well, buying spices that I already own. With the correct kitchen spice organization ideas, as well as the right storage solutions - your spice cabinet or space will be less stressful.

Declutter and order your spices with these kitchen spice organization ideas and storage solutions

Kitchen spice organization ideas and tips


Now to the kitchen spice organization ideas, as well spice storage ideas and tips that are easy to implement......

What is the best way to organize spices? It depends, go through the below kitchen spice organization ideas and see what works for you.

1. De-clutter your spice cabinet 


This DIY spice organization took me less than 30 minutes to put together.


Always start by decluttering your spice cabinet. You'll be forgiven if you think my "before" spice cabinet is staged 😉. We'd clean and sort it every week, and yet we'd manage to mess it up all over again. 

This time around, I decided to de-clutter the cabinet spices, getting rid of expired herbs and spices. I used some old Tupperware containers to organize the spices by their packaging.

As a temporary solution, my DIY spice organization system works. It's also easy to maintain. I've set my eye on some nifty kitchen spice storage solutions though for the long term.

 2. Store your kitchen staples close by

Identify the spices (and condiments) that you use often e.g salt and pepper, meat spices and herbs, oils, etc. I find it easier if I pack or store these separately. The best space for them is closer to your cooking area. A nice tray or free-standing rack would keep them properly organized. Countertop spice organizers are more efficient for your kitchen staples. They will save your cabinet from the wear and tear caused by excessive opening and shutting.

I love how the above spice rack accommodates even the cutlery that uses when cooking. Believe me, the energy used to move between the stations in the kitchen does add up. This rack is one of many kitchen spice storage solutions, but I chose it for its many advantages:

Sturdy design (also durable and anti-rust)
It may require a handy person to assemble.
Easy to clean (dishcloth and water only)
Anti-slip design
Space between tiers can accommodate various container sizes
Multi-purpose (can be used for bathroom, living rooms, etc.)

Find more countertop spice organizers here.

2. Label your spices

Labeling your spice jars and containers will eliminate the visual clutter. I find that most of my spices come from the same manufacturers, making it difficult to visually discriminate between them (at first glance).

You’ll win further if you have your own spice jar to label. Clear glass jars are the best. You'll save more if you buy refill packs instead of the spices that come in plastic or glass bottles.

3. All spices must be visible

Organize your spices in such a way that they are visible. The biggest culprit that causes disorganized spice cabinets is the fumbling through spices - just to get through to the one you need.

This 3-tier stadium-designed spice rack is perfect for the purpose.

4. Take advantage of the wall

Do you have a small cabinet space? Take advantage of your kitchen wall and make use of wall-mounted spice racks. Even the smallest of kitchens will have a wall that is not in use. Make use of it and mount your spice racks on it. This also serves a decorative role, if you ask me.

You'll find several wall-mounted racks to help you organize your spices, here.

5. Drawer spice organizer

 A kitchen drawer would be the last space in which you'd think to store your spices. I'd say that they are awkwardly shaped, BUT thanks to tech and design, we can now find drawer spice organizers that will ensure that this space does not go to waste.

Clear out the clutter in your junk drawer, and make space for spice organization. This particular drawer spice organizer is one of the best. It helps that it is adjustable to accommodate various sizes of drawers. The 3-tiered and angled levels make it easy to locate and quickly grab what you need. It's this functional versatility that I love about it! Add it to your kitchen drawer organizers.

6. Take advantage of the pantry door 


Your food closet will expand, thanks to this over-the-door spice rack that you can easily mount on your pantry or food closet door. I'm always on the lookout for these unused spaces in the house and see if I can turn them into storage. The shelf heights are adjustable, so you won't need to worry about exact measurements.

If this is where you keep your spices, you won't need to be knocking them over on the shelves, trying to find that one peri-peri powder. This door rack lines up the spices neatly such that they are all visible.

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7. Mason Jar spice storage 


Store spices in labelled Mason jars
Image Credit: Twelve On Main
Mason Jar spice storage is perfect if you buy your spices in bulk (a great idea, by the way). Glass storage is by far the best in keeping food safe and preserved, and that Mason jars are transparent is a much-needed bonus.

You'll find various sizes of Mason jars here.

8. Magnetic fridge spice rack

The fridge exterior is one of those spaces that remain unused (save for family reminders)- if you are space challenged for your spices, a magnetic fridge spice rack is the perfect place for you.

9. Turntable spice storage

Lazy Susan's to the rescue! This is perfect if you plan to keep your spice staples on your kitchen counter. It is easy to move around and must say that it makes life easy because if the 360 degrees turn capability. No more knocking things over, trying to get to one spice (it is really a thing with me).

10. More kitchen spice organization ideas

There are tons of spice storage solutions out there to accommodate your specific situation. If you don't mind tweaking your kitchen cabinet designs, inserting a slide-out spice rack would be great. It provides extra space in the cabinet.

Don't you also find it a challenge to store those sauces and soup powders that come in packets? The bin caddies are designed for that very purpose.

Have fun with these kitchen spice organization ideas - and remember to pin, or share.