Back to school organization ideas for moms

Being a mom to school-going kids means that you are almost as involved as they are in their school routine (if not more). It's natural to feel overwhelmed within a few weeks of schools opening. The underlying cause is likely a lack of planning and organization. There are back-to-school organization ideas that are tested by moms everywhere, and you can incorporate them into your routine. It's unnecessary that your home feels like a war zone during school weeks. Add one or two tips from the ones below, and you might just enjoy school again. Popular back to school organization ideas and tips 1. Command Center Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar Bundle for Fridge: 3 Boards Included - Monthly, Weekly, Daily Calendar Whiteboard 17x12   A command center is that corner in your home from which all organizing is done. It could be a wall, or even a refrigerator where you hang weekly planners, meal plans, messages, hanging wall files for mail, and other day-to-day documentation. This gives you a

Weekly meal planning to organize your family life

Weekly meal planning is one of the ways to organize your family life. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, dad, or a working parent, we've got to admit that meal preparation takes up a significant amount of time, but is less of a headache when this part of your home life is organized and planned . Planning weekly meals helps you buy on sale, save money, make the most of your weekly food budget and cooking time. As a result, the benefits are many.  You can give your family a variety in their diet: fish one night, chicken another, and pasta the next.  You can slow-cook Sunday dinner the night before to relax the following day and not spend most of it in the kitchen. All things are possible when you know in advance "what's for dinner".   Benefits of weekly meal planning Saves time and stress – It’s easier to prepare nutritious meals when you plan. It becomes less tedious too, especially if you are not crazy about the kitchen, but do believe in home-cooked meals for your

Download a printable daily planner to organize your time

I enjoy creating planners, checklists, and to-do lists; hence, I'm dedicating this page to show every printable daily planner I find online (or created). Daily planners are meant to help you organize your life , so they should be simple and suitable for your individual tastes. Personally, I do not like the standard diaries that you find off the shelf. They do not inspire action and can be "clunky." 1. Printable daily planner for the minimalist Download Ideally, you shouldn't have a long list of things to do on a given day , and this is where this planner comes in (click "download" for the PDF). I created it only with 5 slots to help you organize your most important tasks. 2. Time blocking "to-do list" for the procrastinator Time blocking works for me on the days when I'm at my most disorganized and procrastinating. It works even for the menial tasks that block you from tackling important projects. Deciding to spend no more than 15-30 minutes g

10+ Tips To Organize your digital life

  Your photos, computer files, passwords, financial data, online banking information, correspondence, and possibly job-related information may be screaming for digital organization . Technology is your best friend when it comes to storing and organizing certain aspects of your life, but as you move in that direction, it becomes necessary that you learn to organize your digital life too. Digital information that is appropriately organized is easy to manage and move around. The following tips and best practices will help you get a handle on your virtual and digital data and information.  1. De-clutter your computer desktop This idea, however, is not always practical. I much prefer to have no more than two applications opened when I'm working on my laptop. When this is impractical, use applications to organize your desktop for your peace of mind and clarity, e.g., Fences, Tiles, One Tab, and ObjectDock. A cluttered desktop screen can be a timewaster too. So please  keep it clean and

How to overcome procrastination - Organization tips

Procrastination is one of the most paralyzing things one may have to deal with in their lifetime. I should know because If I fail to be deliberate about my life, procrastination becomes my default. Learning to be organized plays a considerable role in curbing procrastination; hence I saw it fit to talk about it in this blog. Procrastination, when unchecked, will hamper progress and productivity, be it in your life or work. Tips on how to overcome procrastination I find these organizing tips to curb procrastination to be effective. You do not need to execute everything all at once. Picking one or two and implementing the changes will go a long way. That'll be overwhelming and will breed more procrastination instead. 1. How do we eat an elephant? It may sound cliche, but it helps to eat the elephant one piece at a time. Big tasks or projects are overwhelming when looked at from a birds-eye view. Feelings of inadequacy may kick in, leaving your morale to tackle the tasks at hand low.

Start organizing your finances with these 8 steps

Organizing your finances is a multi-faceted task that is easier than it sounds. Most financial advice focuses more on managing your finances, but that assumes that you know  what's where and to be paid when - if you catch my drift . The crucial step is to rid yourself of the clutter and get your finances organized. Managing your money is just one aspect of it. 8 Steps to organizing your finances Consider going electronic It is beneficial to go electronic in this paperless age, even if you still keep the paper. Once you are done with the initial set-up and get the hang of it, it's much faster than organizing the "old-fashioned" way. Another great perk is that electronic organizers take up a lot less space.   Most banks, utility providers, and other types of businesses already issue bills electronically. If you're haven't opted for this option yet, ask your bank or utility provider about it. It's typically fast, convenient, and free. If that option is not av