10+ Kitchen spice organization ideas & storage solutions

Kitchen spice organization tends to elude all of us, and therefore needs special  attention beyond the general   kitchen organization ideas . I’ve had my fair share of struggling to find a spice organization system that works for me. It happens often that my spice cabinet looks like a battle ground every time I cook. Having some spices hidden behind others does not help the situation. When storing your spices, it helps to consider the frequency with which you use the spices . You won't need to rummage through the spices anymore, looking for that cayenne pepper 😉. I’ve wasted money a  few times as well, buying spices that I already own. With the correct kitchen spice organization ideas, as well as the right storage solutions - your spice cabinet or space will be less stressful. Kitchen spice organization ideas and tips   Now to the kitchen spice organization ideas, as well spice storage ideas and tips that are easy to implement...... What is the best way

10+ Fridge Organization Ideas - #Chart #Containers

Fridge organization is more of a challenge that us most adults are willing to admit😅. Here is the relationship that we tend to have with the family refrigerator: Dad never opens it unless he put something there. Mama uses it during meal prep times (only) The kids open it every 2 minutes - sometimes to check if it can still open.    I exaggerate not! Things move around in the fridge more than they do in any other kitchen cabinet. It is the awkward  part of the kitchen organization process.  My solution? Have a designated space and even a container for everything. Most of my fridge organization ideas will address this part. Another cause of a disorganized fridge is wrong storage and packing . Fortunately, I managed to whip up a simple refrigerator organization chart . It'll help you figure out where you should put things in your fridge . Popular fridge organization ideas   Like I said, they key is to know where to put what, AND having the right storage items t

DIY Pencil Holder to keep your desk neat

I'm now kind of an expect in the area of stationery and desk organization. I made my first DIY pencil holder using a glass jar. Believe me, it went a long way, and going strong even today. I homeschool 3 kids, and also work on my blogging from home. Pens and pencils have become part of the family😉. The kids are also avid drawers and art enthusiasts. The cost of misplaced pens, pencils, highlighters etc, adds up very fast . Thanks to my glass jar pencil holder craft, my work desk is better organized as well. In my quest to keep my home and work organized, I thought I'd explore the idea of a pencil holder made from materials - in this post's case, empty toilet rolls. Between you and me, I'll go mad if I don't find use for those rolls - it always seems like only hubby and myself know to remove them (from the bathroom) when they are used up. I digress What's lovely about this pencil holder craft is how cost effective it is. I can make them all day just to