5+ Brilliant ways to organize food storage containers

February 05, 2020
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Hands up 🙌 if you struggle to keep your food storage containers (a.k.a Tupperware) organized. Mine’s up already (lol), but I won't stop trying. Let’s see then if we can help each other organize food storage containers in our kitchens.

The funny thing is, my kitchen can pass the cleanliness test, until you open that Tupperware cupboard. Why is that? In my case, I can vouch that I own more containers than I need. I cannot resist them at all. It seems like a decluttering challenge is in order.

I have a simple rule when it comes to keeping my kitchen or any other room in my home organized and clutter-free: Each item must have a designated space. I’m the kind of person whose brain works better with processes and blueprints. Without designated spaces for my Tupperware, other food storage containers, and lids - I am lost.  

Having a system in place also goes a long way if you are not the only one using (in this case) the kitchen. I have 2 teens and a tween who love the kitchen, without a strict organization system, they WILL leave the place upside down.

I’ve collected some brilliant ideas to rectify the problem, both in your home, and mine.

Best ways to organize food storage containers

5+ Ways to organize your food storage containers or the Tupperwar cabinet.

Before we organize the food storage containers, we have to address the elephant in the room i.e the clutter in the Tupperware cabinet or shelf.

* Take everything out - even the ones that you think are immaculately packed.
* Get rid of damaged or old containers and lids that you no longer use.
* On what’s left, match the lids with their containers
* Pack your containers by shape (it is easier to pack or stack them this way) - one of the reasons my Tupperware cabinet tends to be all jumbled up is because I don't pack them according to shape. You’d think it would be obvious...not so much if you are at home 24/7.😄


#Tip 1 - Is it OK to store Tupperware with lids on? 

I’ll be frank……

I know where I go wrong with my Tupperware cabinet. This may not be an issue for everybody - but it is definitely problematic for me. I’ve been fighting this clutter fight for years, but recently I asked myself the above question.

For me, it does not work. The organization process goes well for a while, with the containers (with the  lids on) packed nicely according to size, but the system always falls apart as soon as we start using the containers. The highlight is that we always lose the lids, and you find the containers not stacked appropriately.

Rather pack the containers together, and make a different plan for the lids. You’ll find nice lid organizers in most home stores and online. Some can sit on shelves and counters, while some can neatly hang on the cabinets doors.

I bet that with this system, you’ll be able to know  the exact number of container lids you have, and notice when one is missing.

Plate holders and racks can work also.

Image Credit: BHG

Wall mount file holders to the rescue - I love versatile household items. You can easily mount a file holder on your cabinet door and use it as a lid organizer.

Swirl Around Organizer

Isn’t it lovely that your whole set of food storage containers (and their lids) can be packed up nicely on something that takes up so little space?

In fact, this can help you and me to minimize the Tupperware or food containers that we own. If they don’t have space in this organizer, then it’s a sign that we do not need more containers (ouch!). It would be nice to not have your plastic or glassware collapsing on you every-time you open the cabinets.

Turn your cereal boxes (or magazine holders) into lid storage 

Image credit: Pinterest
Use cereal boxes or magazine holders as lid storage. To turn the cereal box into a lid storage , cut it in the same pattern as that of a magazine holder. This way you are able to see what’s inside easily (versus digging in everytime you need a lid).

I’m seeing a pattern here (lol)...😍
The lids are the culprits. They are easy to misplace and lose. Thoughts?

Transparent storage bins 


Tupperware and food storage containers do not do well on shelves (at least in my house). Don’t sweat, you do not need to call a carpenter to create drawers for you (if that’s not what you want). Use storage bins to pack the containers, and use any of the above lid organizer ideas for their lids.

 Jo, a professional organizer is showing us this very same concept on her video.

Put your deep drawer to good use 

Source: Instagram
Honestly, I never understood the use of deep drawers - and once you bring Tupperware into the equation, it all became a dumpster in my thoughts. However, inserting drawer dividers will help you organize your food storage containers and their lids.

As Tracy has done, to make the lid sections narrower so as to keep them vertical all the time. This makes them easy to find.

How I quickly organized my Tupperware cabinet


My humble attempt at organizing my Tupperware cabinet.

The transformation does seem to be minimal, but believe me - this cabinet has haunted me for some time now. Finding containers was a nightmare; not to mention the lids!

You’ll notice that there were a lot items in the cabinet that do not belong i.e lunch bags, and some torn card-boards (what?). Today, I decided to tackle the cupboard once and for all. I started by getting rid of, and moving the stuff that had no business being on this particular cabinet.

Guess what I also noticed?

There were quite a number of lids in there that I no longer have use for. I chucked those away.

It also turns out that food storage containers and Tupperware have disappeared over the years (lol).

My larger Tupperware containers came to the rescue. I used them as storage for similar shaped food containers (and placed their lids beneath them).  It worked like a charm, so much that I managed to use the square container as a lid holder as well.

All good and well...but...will I be able to keep this cabinet tidy? I think so, the key is to remove the whole batch when looking for a similar shaped container. I tend to just shove around everything until I find what I want - without fixing the mess afterwards.

It won’t hurt to take out the big container out of the cupboard, in order to go through its contents. My next step will be to use the ideas on this post to create a permanent storage for my lids.

I hope you find these brilliant ways to organize food storage containers or your Tupperware to be useful and easy enough to implement. Pin or share away to help other.